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DateMarch 16, 2016

We want YOU!

As Civil Engineer (m/f) or Project Engineer (m/f)

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DateMarch 09, 2016

VICODA has been chosen as the supplier for the base isolation system of 3 coal crusher in the SEYITÖMER coal fired power plant in Turkey.

3rd Sales Seminar
DateDecember 10, 2015

45 attendees from all over the world learned the theoretical background behind vibration control and got information on all available products and…

LNG Infrastructure in Rotterdam
DateNovember 11, 2015

At the Maasvlakte in Rotterdam, a new liquefied natural gas (LNG) break bulk terminal is under construction and it is planned to be completed by the…

Our Mission

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Provide for every vibration problem the optimum solution, by

→  an extensive know how in vibration control

  a comprehensive portfolio of products

  a complete package of services


Risk of damage through vibrations

risiko schemaVibrations are dynamic loads presenting a serious risk of damage through material overstressing that can be detrimental to the service life of plant installations and structures. In extreme cases vibration can lead to the complete breakdown or destruction of the facility. Slender structures and components with low natural frequencies and weak self-damping characteristics are particularly susceptible in this respect.

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Cause of vibrations

seismographVibrations can arise through internal excitation such as mechanical or hydrodynamic processes or external ones such as wind loads or earthquakes. Internal excitations mostly arise from rotating masses originating from the operation of machines, aggregates and processing facilities.

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Vibrations are controllable

Vibration Solutions


In plant or building construction the general aim is to exclude possible vibration stresses in the facilities by way of design and layout. If this is not possible for economic reasons, the vibration due to operation (internal excitation), as well as vibrations arising from external sources, can be effectively reduced to a harmless level using appropriate techniques and devices for vibration reduction.

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The VICODA Solution Process

solution process

1. Analysis
2. Solution Design
3. Product Selection
4. Product Supply
5. Installation & Startup
6. Vibration Monitoring

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