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In plant or building construction the general aim is to exclude possible vibration stresses in the facilities by way of design and layout. If this is not possible for economic reasons, the vibration due to operation (internal excitation), as well as vibrations arising from external sources, can be effectively reduced to a harmless level using appropriate techniques and devices for vibration reduction.

VICODA provides the adequate techniques and a full range of appropriate devices for damping, isolating or tuning undesirable vibrations in all industrial fields. This includes the sector of large machine tools, as well as components in plant installations such as pipe systems. Isolating entire buildings or specific sections in which vibrations may be particularly harmful also forms part of the VICODA performance package.

This also applies to tuning structures to external impulses by acting on their natural frequencies. Tuned mass dampers are appropriate means for the mitigation of vibrations in slender structures such as bridges and high-rise buildings.

In order to provide the best possible answer to all kinds of vibration problems, sufficient information on the causes and behaviour of the vibrations should be available. If the reasons for the phenomena are unknown to the user, a specific analysis can be performed by highly qualified and experienced specialists from VICODA.