As sophisticated technology is required in the field of vibrations control it is vital for projects engineers to be able to rely on experienced and competent advice.

At VICODA, practical experience and expert theoretical knowledge complement each other perfectly. While LISEGA, world market leader in pipe support technology, is an expert in designing innovative products and solutions, Wölfel Beratende Ingenieure GmbH has long been established as the leading engineering partner in vibration technology.

The proper functional integration of an isolating or damping device into the plant, building or bridge concept has a decisive influence on the long-term behavior of the installation/construction.

In this respect, the choice of product and the availability of up-to-date design software has a major effect on the quality of planning. For the optimum fulfilment of all customer requirements, the different areas are equipped with the latest, most sophisticated software:

  • AutoCAD (2D-CAD)
  • MicroStation (2D und 3D-CAD)
  • PDMS (3D-CAD)
  • Staadpro (static/dynamic calculation of secondary steel)
  • PSA 5 (pipe system calculation program)
  • CAE-pipe (pipe system calculation program)
  • ROHR2 (pipe static and structural framework stress analysis)
  • MEDA (multichannel vibrations measurements system)
  • Abaqus (FEM-Software)


engineering illuBesides high quality requirements, it is essential in the planning of isolating and damping devices to keep tight schedules and economic targets. At the same time, plant operators and infrastructure administrators keep a consciously tight rein on the resources required. To avoid thereby endangering the budgeting and logistics of entire projects, the planning arrangements are placed in the hands of suitable engineering firms (outsourcing).