Fields of application

VICODA is active in all areas where vibrations need to be absorbed by dampers or isolated at source.

The main fields of application are: Heavy Duty Machines | Industrial Plants | Bridges and Infrastructure | Buildings | Railways


seismograph2Seismic Protection

Earthquake protection
For endangered bridges, buildings and large structures earthquake protection is most effective through base isolation and damping.

railways new engRailways

Railway line isolation by CALENBERG INGENIEURE
Isolation techniques for railway lines are available to prevent vibration due to the passage of trains from spreading to surrounding buildings...

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Tuned Mass Dampers for bridges (VICODA) |
Expansion joints and bridge bearings (Schreiber - Bridge Expansion Technology)
Through the use of tuned mass damper technology, vibrations from different sources (wind, earthquakes, traffic etc.) can be significantly reduced.

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Vibration protection of buildings
Several applications are available to isolate buildings from external vibration (such as nearby railway lines or plants) or to provide internal isolation for e.g. dance halls, theatres or mashines in operation.

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Konventionelle KraftwerkePlant Engineering

Industrial plants - Isolation of machines
There are specific products and techniques to isolate heavy machines such as engines, compressors, pumps or forge hammers.

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