VICODA is an affiliate of LISEGA, world market leader of pipe supports.


lisega symbolLISEGA application areas are chemical and petrochemical installations, all types of thermal power plants, incineration plants, sugar-factories, biogas-installations and similar facilities - wherever liquids or gaseous, primarily at high temperatures, are to be transported by pipes.

The LISEGA product range consists of a software-supported modular system in which over 10,000 standardized components are arranged systematically for the whole field of pipe support technology.

The special LISEGA software, the design of the components and the benefits of the modular system ensure significant cost-savings for the users.The quality and application value of the products is widely recognized as being superior.

lisega hangerBesides the two production locations in Germany and our own sales offices in Russia and India, LISEGA is internationally active with its own factories in France, UK, USA and China, as well as a worldwide network of representatives.

The essential LISEGA success factor is a consistent, long-term strategy with ambitious goals. This is put into effect through company principles taken to heart by management and staff.

The invention of a new type of constant hanger in 1964 provided the incentive for the founding of LISEGA. Vectors of forces positioned centrally within the representation of a housing are used symbolically to demonstrate the operating principle. For piping specialists the world over, this has become a trusted company symbol, and one of the best-known.

In the same way that this symbol was developed from distinct geometrical forms and still embodies innovation, the company, as a fully synergetic performance system, is also the result of planning and innovation.

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