Quality - price - delivery time

Maintaining a particular level of product quality is an absolute must for the manufacturing department. Naturally, in order to offer competitive prices, low manufacturing costs are just as important. Top priority, however, is adherence to delivery dates. This frequently includes demands which can only be reacted to by urgent action at extremely short notice.

Productivity and flexibility

In order to fulfill all requirements equally, the highest level of productivity is necessary, as well as a particular flexibility. A special organization and a well-functioning team is therefore required to balance out natural contradictions. Amongst other things, manufacturing procedures are kept under in-house control to the greatest extent possible.

Series production

lisega production franceThe highest degree of efficiency is achieved through methodical series production of the standardized components. The working areas and equipment are correspondingly laid out to cater effective methods of fabrication.

For this purpose, the most modern CNC-controlled machines from the machining center to the robot are in operation, as well as special equipment and tooling.

Systematic fabrication control provides for efficient straightforward flow of material, as does a process-orientated arrangement of plant equipment. Constant rationalization in procedures and methods ensures continous improvements.


Individual orders

For the efficient execution of individual orders, e.g. for special designs or adaptation of components steelwork, a large part of the plant facilities and work stations is arranged to be multi-functional and flexible.

International manufacturing combine

The plants at our individual branches show equal fundamental structures, but specialize in particular manufacturing technology. Together, they form a rational combination which they complement each other through exchange of components. The advantages of specialization are exploited in this way, and inefficient duplication of sourcing is avoided.