VICODA has been chosen as the supplier for the base isolation system of 3 coal crusher in the SEYITÖMER coal fired power plant in Turkey.

The aim of the isolation system is to reduce the large amount of vibrations generated by the coal crushers during operation. Without such devices the high dynamic input may in fact spread into the foundation and induce dangerous fatigue and stress peaks into the surrounding infrastructure. Each coal crusher will be isolated with 23 spring supports type VICODA SL109.

The isolation degree, i.e. the reduction of the dynamic vibrations from the coal crusher to the foundations, will be 95%. In order to stabilize the whole system 8 viscoelastic dampers of type VICODA VD300 are installed parallel to the spring supports. These viscoelastic dampers extract vibration energy out of the system by converting the kinetic energy of the vibrations through the viscosity of a special fluid into heat. The total weight of each coal crusher is 380ton.