vicoda sales meeting 2015 Second VICODA sales seminar3rd Sales Seminar

45 attendees from all over the world learned the theoretical background behind vibration control and got information on all available products and services VICODA can offer.

They all enjoyed the “learning by seeing” method as the vibration control techniques were explained with the use of simulators. Also various models were shown and several components were available in order to be expounded.

All attendees were impressed with the broad product line and services that VICODA is currently offering. “VICODA is a unique player in the worldwide market as it provides the adequate techniques and a full range of appropriate devices for damping, isolating or tuning undesirable vibrations in all industrial fields” was the general statement of all attendees.

As the participants came from 29 countries their discussions during the group sessions were enriched by the different approaches they had, besides the vast experience that everybody brought along. They agreed that with such an extensive product line understanding the basics of vibration control is crucial to be a consultant for their clients and assist them to find the best solution for their particular problem.

Each attendee returned home with enthusiasm and proud to be a member of the VICODA team.