The VICODA Solution Process

analysis1. Analysis

Most important for a sound solution is a sound analysis, including the
review of design documents and an on-site data assessment of the vibration
parameters. The gathered data are analyzed with latest structural
analysis tools such as dynamic finite element models. Based on the results
the source of the vibration problem can be identified and classified.




solution design2. Solution Design

Striving for the optimum solution for a specific vibration problem, VICODA selects
the most suitable solution strategy out of the complete range of strategies:
Reducing the excitation – Isolating – Damping – Absorbing - Detuning

Parameters of the selected solution strategy like isolation frequencies,
damping ratios or absorber frequencies are identified and the parameters of
the selected devices are determined correspondingly.



product selection3. Product Selection

For different solution strategies different vibration control products are
required. Due to the diversity of vibration control problems these products
need to correspond to a wide range of application parameters.

To comply with these requirements VICODA provides a complete portfolio
of specially designed vibration control products.



product supply4. Product Supply

Following the strict rules of an approved quality management system VICODA products
are meeting highest quality standards. Due to the skilled and experienced workforce,
state-of the art production equipment and special production control procedures short
delivery times can be reliably assured. All performance testing of the products can be
done in VICODA’s own test lab.


installationstartup5. Installation & Startup

Qualified and experienced personnel is on hand to install the VICODA
products and put them into operation. It is part of the process to
check the result of the solution and to fine-tune parameters if necessary.
The technical documentation can be provided.




monitoring6. Vibration Monitoring

For the surveillance of the safety and approvable operation of the structure a monitoring system is an effective solution. This method allows reliably to detect structural modifications and damages in an early stage so that maintenance can be planned based on the actual condition of the system.

VICODA provides the most recent monitoring systems including the respective data collection equipment and data analysis tools.